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IV Infusions

IV Infusions

AMDCOA offers several infusion services depending upon our patients’ unique needs.


We provide teplizumab (Tzield®) infusions for patients who have stage 2 type 1 diabetes. This is the stage where blood glucose is elevated, but not yet to the degree of diabetes diagnosis. Teplizumab blunts the autoimmune attack that would otherwise obliterate the insulin-producing (beta) cells in the pancreas. In clinical trials, teplizumab infusions delayed the onset of type 1 diabetes by 2 years.


Starting in the summer 2024, patients who experience high blood glucose that would otherwise warrant an ER visit can come to our office and receive IV fluid with insulin and electrolyte replacement, if needed. Treatment and observation usually require 3-4 hours. This will be a tremendous option, as ERvisits usually take much longer and often result in overnight hospitalization. Receiving these infusions in our office will save considerable time and expense.


We also will provide teprotumumab (Tepezza®) infusions in the near future. Teprotumumab is a biologic medication indicated for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease.

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