AM Diabetes Centers of America

AM Diabetes Centers of America, is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions and personalized care to any person living with or affected by diabetes or prediabetes. Kashif A. Latif, MD, and the team offer individualized and empathetic care with targeted guidance that help patients meet their personal goals.

From acute care to chronic care management, AM Diabetes Centers of America provides all the services necessary to treat diabetes and prediabetes. They offer comprehensive diabetes education, fitness guidance, nutrition education, and stress management techniques. 

AM Diabetes Centers of America provides many tools to help patients manage their diabetes, including continuous glucose monitors (CGM), insulin pump care, and remote patient monitoring (RPM).

At AM Diabetes Centers of America, the team wants to demystify diabetes management so that their patients can take control of their health and improve their overall well-being for a healthy life and healthy aging.

For high-quality care and education from a team that uses the most current treatments for diabetes management, call AM Diabetes Centers of America today or schedule an appointment online.

Primary Care

Kashif Latif, MD

Kashif Latif, MD

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Tameka Morgan, NP

Tameka Morgan, FNP-C

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Leadership Team 

Janet Curtis 
Practice Administrator
Lynn Ward
Director of Wellbeing and Lifestyle Management
Kent Stoneking, PharmD, CDCES, CPT
 Director of Diabetes Education
Kristen Clark 
Director of Virtual Care Center
Nicholas Fair 
Fitness and Wellness Administrator
Nora Ranjha 
Marketing Director
Clinical Staff 
Keaunna Bates
Aapri Garrett
Medical Assistant